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“Want the REAL Secrets to the Best Sick Excuses, to Guarantee You Get The Day Off?”

Get Serious Excuses For Calling In Sick

Attention All Employees,

It’s six in the morning and your alarm clock is telling you it’s that time again. Time to drag yourself out of

good sick excuse
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bed, and put in a full days work.

Are you ready to slave away for another ball busting, 8 hour, 10 hour, or even 12 hour day? Then do it again the next day and the next… five days a week for years to come…

What you need is a day off for some good old fashioned rest once in a while.

Maybe it’s just to catch up on some well deserved relaxation, do some things around the house, or you just don’t feel like going in for once….

And you know what… it’s your right!

You put in the hours, and deserve a day off once in a while to recuperate from all your hard work. The problem is, you’ve acrued sick days… that your employers don’t want you to use!

These companies are doing everything they can to keep you chained to your job.

They desperately don’t want you to get the time off you are owed. They’ve come up with every reason in the book to stop you from missing work and seeing any relief…

That’s exactly why you need to escape! Sadly, when it comes to taking a day off for yourself…

Your Boss is NO Fool

They’ve been trained to constanly keep an eye out for workers trying to get a day off. They sit and scheme in back rooms and trade stories about people attempting to get off work.

They share the sick excuses they’ve heard, the facial expressions they’ve seen and the common traits all “fakers” use.

They can spot when someone’s request for a sick day is not genuine. You know what… It often goes into the employees permenant file.

All of this could easily be avoided, if…

You Knew How to Call in Sick the Right Way, Using Good Sick Excuses that REALLY Work!

Lucky for you, coming from someone who’s actually been there, as a human resources manager, I’ve seen what works. I know which excuses don’t blaringly say…

“I’m a FAKE Sick Excuse!”… or worse, “I’m Lying Through My Teeth!”

As an employee, you’d be absolutley crazy to use some of these lame excuses. You see the very best excuses are ones that don’t arouse suspicion. Not only that, good sick excuses can get you time off, time and time again.

Taking my insider knowledge of, catching employees lying on the job, talking with other human resource managers, and being schooled on what to look for, has put me in a unique position… To help you.

I can show you exactly how to call in sick undetected. Because I know what I’m trained to look for, I can show you what you need to do to get off work.

If You Really Want a Day Off, You Need Serious Excuses for Calling in Sick

Calling in sick is no joke…

That’s why you don’t want to waste all day looking at “funny,” or “entertaining,” websites, full of useles sick day excuses.

You most definitely don’t want to trust any old piece of advice you hear on the internet.

After all, much of the advice people give online about calling in sick is downright laughable.

Sure, their excuses might work if you’re calling in as a worker for a job at Burger King. But seriously, would you really want to use these excuses if you value your job, at all?

I know I wouldn’t!

After all, these old sick excuses have been tried thousands of times. So many times they can create suspicion and raise questions you don’t need…
sick excuses

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Using the Wrong Excuses!

What you need is solid information from someone who knows the exact thing to say to your boss to get you off the hook.

Imagine, being able to actually use some of your sick days without being embarrassed or afraid of the results.

You can take the time off you deserve and not worry about sounding like a total loser. Relax by the pool, play games, sleep in or even just catch up on things you need to get done.

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If you’re a hardworking employee, there’s no reason to feel ashamed about taking a day off. Don’t let your job work you to the bone.

After all, that’s your boss’s goal: to suck every ounce of work out of you that they can get.
They will keep doing it until you either quit, get fired or die!

It’s a sad fact but many people work non-stop and never get the time off that’s owed to them.

You deserve to know how you can use your sick time. Now you can find out how to use your sick days to get your much earned and needed time off.

If You’re Looking for the Best Sick Day Excuses
You Came to the Right Place…

Did you know that a full two thirds of the people who call in sick, really aren’t? That’s according to the 2007 CCH Unscheduled Absence Survey, that found 66 percent of employees are calling in sick when they shouldn’t.

That means only 34 percent of employees are really sick when they call in.

You know what… Your Employers Already Know This!

This means that if you don’t have a good reason for calling in sick, you could get reprimanded, written up, or worse… Fired!

Now, how would you like to have the confidential information only known by those inside human resource management?

Hi, my name is Matthew, a successful business owner for many years.

While running my own company I’ve heard every excuse imaginable, and I can tell you right now… Many excuses, should never be used under any circumstances.

The good news is, there are many sick excuses that are proven to work everytime. They fly under the radar, and allow you to stay in good standing with your employer.

As a business manager, I’m in a unique postition to share with you the exact methods you can use to get time off.

In my Best Sick Excuses Report and audio program, you’ll get all of the undercover information in a simple to understand step-by-step blueprint to freedom.

You can these excuses to:
take a day off

blue star Take a Day Off to Rest!

blue star Take a Well Deserved Vacation Day

blue star Catch Up Around the House

blue star Go to an Important Event

blue star Celebrate a Birthday

blue star Recuperate After a Long Night Partying

blue star Spend a Day With a Loved One

blue star Use the Sick Days You Have… Or Lose Them

blue star Use Your Day Off For Anything YOU Want!

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Here’s a portion of what’s included inside the Best Sick Excuses Package…

blue star How to Call in Sick When You Just Need a Day Off

blue star Serious Excuses for Calling in Sick (No B.S or Entertaining Excuses Here!)

blue star No Show No Call – Now What to Do, Explained

blue star Believable

blue star Sick Excuse Scripts

blue star How to avoid Being Slapped With the “Sickie,” Label…

blue star Getting Ready For Your Day Off

blue star Mental Health Days – What You Need to Know

blue star How to Fake It – Make Calling In Easier

blue star How NOT to Call In

blue star Taking Advantage of _ _ _ _ _ _ _

blue star What You Need to Know About Holidays

blue star Getting the Most Out of Your Day Off!

blue star Dealing With Friday Excuses

blue star Sick Student Tactics

blue star Pet Problem Techniques

blue star Topics to Get You Out of the Office

blue star Sure Fire Human Resource Manager Tips to Get You OFF the Hook!

blue star Plus, tons more!

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You may be wondering, why I’m sharing this?

I’m going out on a limb to deliver this information because I hate how many good employees are being screwed by their jobs. Working non-stop and then being criticized when they need a day off.

If you’re one of the people working constantly and giving all your time away to an uncaring, demanding employer, then you know what I’m talking about.

Finally, you can learn exaclty how to get the time off, without all the hassle, and without looking like your a, “Sickie,” a “Faker,” or worse a, “Liar!”

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