Best Illness to Fake

Question submitted by Thomas: What’s the best illness to fake to get out of going to school? I really want to get out of going to summer school but my parents are very strict about my attendence because I got bad grades last year. I really want to go to the water park cause I know a girl I like will be there. So can you give me a really good sick excuse to use to get out of going?

Brooke from Best Sick Excuses response:

That’s a really good question Thomas. First I’d recommend that you talk to your parents to see if you can get them to agree to let you miss a day. Promise them that you will be more responsible and get your grades up and they may be more inclined to agree. The reason this is a good idea is because if you are caught skipping school the punishment may really be harsh. If you do get a good excuse what will you do to keep your parents from finding out? It sounds like honesty would be the best thing here.  If you do decide to go through with creating a sick excuse, I’d go with stomach problems and diarrhea. You should set it up ahead of time by complaining about your stomach the night before. Get up a few times in the night and make some noise like you are in pain. Then in the morning spend a lot of time in the bathroom and decline to eat any breakfast. Tell your folks how badly your stomach hurts and about your diarrhea. This should get you out of going to school.

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