Excuse For Coming to Work Late

Excuse For Coming to Work Late – Submitted by Andy.

Ok, I enjoyed reading some of your sick excuses and want to share one that I used recently on my boss (who I hate btw) This one really isn’t recommended unless you have a unique situation like I have. You see my boss has been working us over approx one to two hours overtime everyday. It’s getting ridiculous with the overtime that was never part of the job description. And to make matters worse he yells if you come in late at all even after keeping us late into the night.

The other day I was 10 minutes late to work. As usual the loudmouthed jerk started yelling about me being ten minutes late. So in front of everyone I say to him… “I’m sorry I’m ten minutes late to work today, but I have a good reason. It’s because I was two hours late going home last night.”

My boss turned beat red and made me go into his office. We discuses the schedule and I was lectured on insubordination. Long story short we have been going home earlier ever since. So I guess it works if you can take a little risk.

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