Excuses for Calling in Sick

If you are looking for excuses for calling in sick to work or school you’ll need to get your game plan figured out before you make your call. One of the ways to prepare is to start acting sick the day before. This way it won’t come as a total surprise when you call in sick the following day. Preparation beforehand really pays off, if your boss sees you looking sick the day before. It may even help you avoid having to get a doctors note if you take several days off.

Here are some of my favorite excuses for calling in sick that really work because they deal with infection. I mean c’mon people don’t want to get sick themselves so acting out like you have a virus, or other communicable illness works pretty effectively.

You have pink eye (Conjunctivitis) – Pink eye is swelling, inflammation, or infection of the lining of your eyelids. It’s easily transferred to others so it really creeps people out if they think you have it. This is especially good for an excuse because it usually doesn’t require a trip to the doctor but can take 3-4 days to go away. The only down side is you may need to make your eye red to imitate the effect so it really looks like you’ve got the pink eye.How to fake pink eye – Ok now purposefully irritating your eye is not recommended because of obvious reasons. However I’ve successfully gotten out of dates, school, and work by rubbing a little soap to create redness under my eye. After rubbing for less than a minute my eye gets red enough to look like a dead ringer for the real thing. I’ve also heard that some people cut up a piece of a jalapeno pepper and rub a tiny bit of the juice under the eye. Sounds painful, so I’ve always used soap or shampoo to redden the eye. Some people even use red lip liner and apply it to the rim of the eyelids. I’m a guy so this method never appealed to me 🙂

Poison Oak is another good one that people do not want to catch. Poison oak is spread when oils remain on the skin or clothing, and are transferred to another body part. It spreads from person to person in some cases. You can replicate and create a fake rash like poison oak by purchasing one of the kits that are available in many stores during the Halloween season. These kits contain all the essential needed to make a fake rash. If you know of another skin irritant that makes your skin look all gross you could try that too, just be careful not to overdo it.

Diarrhea – This one is definitely embarrassing and can really put some fear into an employers heart. I mean no one wants to imagine the possibilities of a case of diarrhea in the workplace.

The swine, bird or newest strain of flu – or regular flu for that matter. People are deathly afraid of the hyped up beyond belief swine flu. Try saying you were going to get a flu shot but left when you saw a couple of sick people in the waiting room, with one coughing up a lung. Then a few days later blammo, you’re sick with what you think is the swine flu. Trust me your boss will want you to stay home if you set this up right!

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