No Call No Show Excuses

So you were having too much fun and decided to blow off work and take a day off. The only problem is, you forgot to call in and now are worried about coming up with No-Call/No-Show excuses to avoid the consequences. For many employers this can mean a write-up in your permanent work record, or even termination from your job. So what can you do to help you come up with a sick excuse that has the best chance at getting you off the hook? Here are some tips and sick excuses that may help you worm out of this tricky predicament.

First off the best thing you can do when you’ve really screwed up like this is to get a doctors note. Nothing says you were really deserving of the day off like a note from an authority. So if you know your relationship at work is already strained or they have little tolerance for no calls/ no shows, it’s highly recommended that you get a doctors note asap.

Another thing to consider when crafting a sick day excuse is to MAKE IT BELIEVABLE. Bosses hear every excuse in the book, and many people think that by coming up with something original they can somehow get away with it. For instance I heard of a guy who said his garage door was stuck, and THAT was the reason why he didn’t call or show… C’mon the boss sees right through that. Obviously he could have called in, or taken a taxi or bus to work. That’s not gonna fly…

You need to carefully consider the situation and fine tune it toward your situation. Some of the best sick excuses for no call/no shows are a variation of a personal illness, family illness, or your car broke down and you were stranded. *** Remember: Getting your butt to the hospital and getting a genuine sick note from the doctor can help wonders in this situation.***

Some of the variations for personal illness are: Diarrhea is one of my favorite excuses because bosses don’t ask questions. The less questions the better. Another good sick excuse is any kind of really private problem. For women it can be PMS, Pap smear exam, bladder infection etc. For men it can be kidney stones, prostate checkup, lump on the scrotum etc.

When calling in, or explaining your excuse to your boss remember to always keep your sick excuses consistent. Keep them short, and to the point.



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